Pipe Bands and Organisatíons

        Scandinavian Pipebands:

Aarhus Pipes & Drums
Clan Rose Pipes & Drums
Copenhagen Caledonia Pipe Band
Dungillie Pipe Band

The Dungillie Academy Pipes & Drums

Fanø Pipes and Drums
Gordon Pipes & Drums
Griffin Pipe Band
Helsinki Pipes & Drums
Holbæk Pipe Band
Murray Pipes & Drums of Gothenburg
Northern Pipe Band
Oslo & District Caledonian Pipe Band
Roskilde Pipe Band
St. Alban Pipes & Drums
The Heather Pipes & Drums of Copenhagen

The Heather Pipes & Drums Grade 4 Drum Corps

The Pipes & Drums of the 1st Royal Engineers


            Other Scandinavian Links



Copenhagen Winter Competition
Pipe Band Association of Scandinavia
The Scandinavian School of Piping and Drumming